Beginning Internet Marketing

Published on : October 22nd, 2009
Beginning Internet Marketing DVD

Beginning Internet Marketing DVD

So you’ve taken the plunged and hired a designer to make your website look great and improve the usability for visitors. Now you can sit back and let it do its thing right?…wrong!

Having a great website is only the beginning, now the real work starts with getting people onto your website. It’s no good printing a snazzy brochure then putting them away in a cupboard you need to get it out there for people to see. And it’s the same with a website.

How do you go about getting your website seen, particularly by the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) where the majority of web users will look and more importantly how do you position your website high up in the search results.

Usually I recommend my clients find a specialist in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to help them improve their search engine rankings. Hiring an SEO specialist is not cheap and can be £200+ a month, that’s fine if your products sell and you get a return, but, there are no guarantees and anyone who offers you top rankings is talking rubbish.

So what if you’re a small company just starting out and £200 a month is not yet within your advertising budget? Well, you could try it yourself…

Beginning Internet Marketing: Understanding Search Engines is a new training DVD which talks you through how search engines work to give you a better understanding and the steps you need to take for improvement. As with everything in life there is no quick fix but as you implement the techniques you learn from this training you will start to see an increase in the popularity of your website which in turn will, hopefully, see an increase in sales. The one off cost of £39.50 is a massive difference from paying a monthly fee; helping you to reduce costs and giving you greater control by keeping it in house. Obviously you will have to put some time aside for the training but the long term gains make this a great purchase.

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